5 Ways to Register Complaint against Auto Rickshaw in Delhi

If you have ever got a chance to use Auto Rickshaws in Delhi, you know how horrific is travelling in them. We often want to complaint against them but don’t know how to!

Here are 5 Ways in which you can Register Complaint against Auto Rickshaw in Delhi:

  1. Phone: Call on Traffic Police Helpline Number: 011-25844444 or 1095
  2. SMS: SMS <REF or OVC or MIS vehicle number location time> to 56767. REF is for Refusal; OVC is for over charging and MIS is for Misbehaviour
  3. Online on Delhi Traffic Police Website: Fill online traffic complaint card on http://www.delhitrafficpolice.nic.in/complaint-card.aspx
  4. Facebook: Complaint at Delhi Traffic Police Facebook Page
  5. Mail: Fill a general traffic complaint card and mail it to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Traffic Police Headquarters, Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, Pusa, New Delhi – 110011. This card is available at most traffic booths and can also be downloaded from Delhi Traffic Police Website
5 Ways to Register Complaint against Auto Rickshaw in Delhi

Register Complaint against Auto Rickshaw in Delhi

8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Register Complaint against Auto Rickshaw in Delhi

  1. lets take a step to stop these arrogant autowalas . they always go on strike and disturb the city alot. its my request to all of you who have suffered this arrogance from them , lets boycott autos from now on . yes ofcourse there will be a lot of problem while travelling but its just the matter of time . board buses , metros , or book cabs ( which are cheaper than autos sometimes ) but boycott autos for a week atleast .


    Today at 9.40 am, I hire a Auto from Shivaji Stadium Airport Link Metro station for DLF Tower, Moti Nagar. The Auto Driver down meter and told me I have no idea about the route as he is new to this route, so I guided him for showing the route. When he reached in DLF Tower, Moti Nagar, the meter shows Rs. 102 rent, whereas I have travelling by Auto since last one year and actual fare is maximum Rs. 92. I told him to make repair of his meter as it is overcharging, but he made argue with me and said denied for the same. Then I gave Rs. 100/- and tell keep it and make correct the meter. Then he demanded Rs. 2/- balance from me and said you have to give Rs. 102 total as per my meter. Then, i told him that I have already given you Rs. 8/- more so he you are demanding more money. After that he threatened me to give full amount so I paid Rs. 10/- more and he denied to return my balance Rs. 8/-. I scared for his behavior and without any further arguments, I moved from there and told him that i will make compliant against you and he said whatever you want to do. As per the registration no. of Auto, it seems it is UP registration. So, proper investigation should be made against the Auto Driver and necessary action should be taken against him. I have taken photo of his Auto bearing his registration no.

  3. nazia hasan says:

    please help from this pathetic situation that there is a lot of auto but no auto wala is ready to go anywhere.
    They always have one or the other reason for not going to the destination. There first ans is NO second is they charge double the amount , meter is not working , CNG is not there, Passenger is waiting and lot more nonsense reasons. Is anyone is there to help us.

  4. Vishakha Yafav says:

    Every day i face same difficulty of auto ….its a big task for me now if any auto driver without argument gets ready to give me ride to my destination. It has been more worse now ,there attitude, mostly meters are not working or they refuse to go when they are on duty, they ask more money if there is traffic,they dont wanna go with meter, In short looking for a auto is just ridiculous.I m fed up with each day argument for fare . Please take some action or find a way whatever is better for both .It will be really kind

  5. DTP site has no option to submit Complain ..

  6. Complaining about autos in Delhi is waste of time. No one is going to take any action. I tried once but no action was taken. Had to take another auto back home.

    • I agree with you and hope things change for better at the earliest. Had Delhi Admin seriously taken these things Delhi would have been a much safer and convenient place 🙁

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