6 thoughts on “Airtel Payment Bank launched – Offers 7.25% Interest on Saving Account

  1. but i heard they dont give physical cash as interest.. they give you free data and shit… as interest charge

  2. I want to deposit 1 lakh in airtel payments bank. After 2 months , if i want to withdraw the full amount. how much interest i will get ?

    • You will get Rs 1,208 as interest for 2 months on Rs 1 lakh. But when you withdraw it back into your bank account you would be charged 0.5% of the amount which is Rs 506. So net of charges you would just earn Rs 702 in 2 months.

      • The interest is earned at quarterly basis. So, If I deposit 1lakh today, then the interest I earn will be added quarterly (after 3months) right? So I won’t be earning anything in 2months? Right?

        • The interest is calculated based on daily balance of the account. So even if you deposit for 1 day you would be paid interest. But the actual credit of interest would happen every quarter.

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