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Historical Repo Rates in India

RBI Historical Repo Rates in India Repo (Repurchase) rate is the interest rate on which the banks borrow money from RBI (Reserve Bank of India) for their short term needs. These repo rates are fixed by RBI from time to time. Why is Repo Rate Required? Repo rate is one of the tools available with RBI to control the money flow in […] Continue reading →

3 New Security Feature on Banknotes

New Security Features on Banknotes RBI (Reserve Bank of India) would soon launch Banknotes with following 3 New Security Features: 1. New Numbering Pattern – The banknote numbers will be ascending order in size from left to right. The first three alphanumeric characters are constant in size and then the numerals get increasing in size. 2. Bleed Lines – Angular Bleed Lines […] Continue reading →