Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad LIG Flats Scheme by UPHDB – 2013

U P Housing & Development Board (UPHDB) has launched LIG Flats scheme in Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad. There are 2,000 flats in the scheme with super area of 47.73 sq. mt.

Siddharth Vihar Yojna – Salient Features:

  • The project is located on NH24
  • Just 5 Kms from Delhi
  • Just 2 Kms from NOIDA
  • The proposed 75 m wide expressway connecting NH24 and NH58 would pass through the project
  • Very near to Santosh Medical Collage, Ghaziabad
  • Near to the upcoming Ganga Water Treatment Plant

Siddharth Vihar Yojna – Flat Details and Registration Money

There are 2,000 flats in the scheme with super built up area of 47.73 sq. mt. and built up area of 41.54 sq. mt. The costs of flats are 13.92 lakhs for Ground Floor and 11.72 lakhs for Second Floor.

The table below shows the details of the flats in the scheme.

Brahmaputra Enclave - Siddharth Vihar Yojna Flat Details

Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna Flat Details

Siddharth Vihar Yojna – How to Apply?

  1. Application form can be obtained for Rs 500 from the bank branches listed below from March 11, 2013.
  2. The application duly signed, completed in all respect along with registration money should be submitted by April 11, 2013 in those bank branches.
  3. Application can also be obtained from U P Housing & Development Board office at 104, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Lucknow. The submission can only be done in the authorized bank branches.
  • Cost of Application Form: Rs 500
  • Registration Amount: Rs 1.4 Lakhs
  • Form Available From: March 11, 2013
  • Last Date of Submitting Form: April 11, 2013

Siddharth Vihar Yojna – List of Banks Financing the scheme:

Below is the list of banks where the Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna – 2013 application form would be available and can be submitted. These banks might also finance the earnest money (registration money) for applying to the scheme.

Brahmaputra Enclave - Siddharth Vihar Yojna - Authorized Banks

Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna – Authorized Banks (Click to Enlarge)

Siddharth Vihar Yojna: Why you should apply?

  1. The scheme is from U P Housing & Development Board, so you can be positive that the land and flat would be free of litigation and built as per Government building laws. No problems of completion certificates or adverse surprises after you move in.
  2. The location is good – its very near to Indirapuram and Noida, which have high rental yield.
  3. The cost of the flats seems very reasonable. The super built up area is 47.73 sq. mt. (= 513.76 sq. ft) and costs between 11.72 lakhs to 13.92 lakhs. This comes out to be Rs. 2,281 to Rs 2,710 per sq. ft. all inclusive cost. You cannot get flats at this cost at this location.
  4. There is Ganga Water treatment plant very near to the project and so there might not be any water problem in future.

Siddharth Vihar Yojna: Why you should not apply?

  1. Since all flats are LIG and cheaper than market rate, you might not be happy with the gentry, if you plan to settle there.
  2. As with most U P Housing & Development Board schemes there are lot of reservations – almost 65% to 70% of flats are for different reserved category applicants. So general can apply for only 600 – 700 flats. So even you are interested in these flats it might be hard to get them.

Here is the advertisement of the scheme:

Brahmaputra Enclave - Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad LIG Flats Scheme by UPHDB - 2013

Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad LIG Flats Scheme by UPHDB – 2013 (Click to Enlarge)

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163 thoughts on “Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad LIG Flats Scheme by UPHDB – 2013

  1. Rohit Sagar says:

    I think this is value for money scheme after a lot of gap. I am planning to apply in this.

  2. Hi all, I am realy intrested for these flats and I really need a expert advice as we can see once these flats are alloted after the initail payment we have to pay 1,6,0000 7 times in every 3 months. So my question is will this amount be financed by any bank. In notice it says it is self financed. Please let me know will this be financed by any bank as a home loan. And what does Self financed stands for? I am curious to know. Please reply if any one have detailed knowledge about it. Thanks in advance for reading my post. Thanks.

    • The self financed term means that the Govt is not subsidizing these flats and the entire cost of the project is financed by the residents. You would find lot of SFS (self financed scheme) flats in Delhi. Also these schemes are financed by all the banks as these Govt projects generally have all clearances and legal in all aspects.

    • i think self financed means that no add shall be given from the govt. the total cost shallbe borne out of the fund of allotee whether one time or financed by bank no matter

      revert back please


  3. yes,it’s good for all.

  4. Please can any one tell me that can I transfer the flat to any one after the lucky draw for the allotment ?

  5. chalo yar thik hi hai

  6. what is the draw date

  7. Jitender Sharma says:

    Is any bank is financing registeration money for Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad LIG Flats Scheme by UPHDB – 2013” and after allotment finance facility will be available from banks or not. and It is value for money if we invest money in this project.

    Please give any idea if you have.

    • Usually the banks listed above, where the form is available fiances the scheme. But this is my guess and readers would clarify that. I think if you are lucky enough to get an allotment this is value for money scheme.

  8. Weather/Which banks provide loan on registration amount?

  9. Mukesh Pandey says:

    I have two extra application forms for sddharth vihar yojna project. if any one is interested then call me at my number9717375994 or leave me a message I will call back.


    • I have one extra application form for sddharth vihar yojna project. if any one is interested then call me at my number 9910736476

  10. If anybody knows the draw date for that scheme requesting you to share it.

    • kulvinder sawhney says:

      Earlier Draw Date was decide by UPSEB i.e. 31st July’13 but due to some scrutiny of forms again by the UPSEB for cleaner allottment the Draw Date is postpone and expected date is 8th Aug’13 or may in the end of Aug month.

  11. Draw Date is after completion of project that is two years.

  12. @ hashmi

    If you dont know any thing..then why are you posting useless information.

    Dear members
    Draw date is within 2 months …and project completion date is 2 years.
    This is a very good scheme…all you need just thing …that is luck :)


  13. Ashish kumar tyagi says:

    please last date for this form

  14. Can anyone specify the “Draw Date. I have applied for the same, wanna know.


  15. @ Vishal..

    I have also applied in this scheme. As per the news it will take two months. So we can expect the draw in the month of june or max july mid.

    Please check newpaper and UPAVP website for updates.

    LIG Development work will start end of this year (as per the today’s newspaper).


  16. Anand Gupta says:

    After submitting the form to the bank we have got just the acknowledgement Paper.
    1) Was there anything else which we must collect?
    2) How can we confirm that our form is there when draw is done?
    3) Is there some website where we enter our acknowledge number and it gives out the details.

    Thanks in advance
    Anand Gupta

  17. Hi Anand,

    1) Was there anything else which we must collect?
    A – No, Acknowledgement is a proof for our registration and deposit.

    2) How can we confirm that our form is there when draw is done?
    A- Expected draw date is in the month of July. U can also UPAVP Website for the same.

    3) Is there some website where we enter our acknowledge number and it gives out the details.
    A – Yes you can check the details but after the draw.

  18. What is the exact date of draw of this Scheme ?

  19. Narayan Singh says:

    1.How can we confirm that our form is there when draw is done?
    2.What is the exact date of draw of this Scheme ?
    3 .can you send messge this no plz before one day lucky drow is open.

  20. S.M Yadav says:

    If draw date is declare ,please inform me.

  21. Vineet Asthana says:

    I think, UPAVP as decided to declare the result of lucky darw in the month of July. Said by a source in UPAVP office,Lucknow…..We should keep our finger crossed till then…

  22. Hi ,

    I would like to thanks to those one who cleared most of doubts,

  23. jitender thakur says:

    hi all, myself also a applicant in this scheme…… only request to all you guys is that pls be in touch with each other as there is in any way a long way to go to get a flat or get our earnest deposits back.

    There is always strengh in unity and this type of schemes require it belligrently.

    Cheers and good wishes
    Jitender Thakur

  24. Kailash Bisht says:

    Hi All,
    I have also applied in this scheme. Please update if any update regadring draw.

  25. surendra saxena says:

    Draw date has been declared 30th Aug2013

    • Anand Gupta says:

      Hi Surendra,
      What is the source of this news -“That draw date has been decleared as 30th August”.
      Have you got this news from some official person or is it published some where.

  26. ravindra singh yadav says:

    If draw date is declare ,please inform me.

  27. Pravin Gupta says:

    Would appreciate if we know exact draw dates…rather than guessing


  28. Tarun Kukreja says:

    Mr. do you know that..?

  29. Gaurav Trivedi says:

    I heard also the same from someone. That draw result is 30th August. But no official information as of now.

    Request you all pls be in touch.

  30. Deepika Sharma says:

    What is the date of draw for this project as I had applied for them and will not be available for the next one month for formalities.

    • POONAM SAXENA says:

      I had applied for UPAVP SFS Housing Scheme 2013 for Flat at Sec. 7, Ashiana Brahmaputra Enclave, Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad vide Application No.23370

  31. Harish Singh Rautela says:


    Is there any update on BHRAMPUTAR ENCLAVE SIDHARTH VIHAR YOJANA GHAZIABAD draw and how we can take update regarding draw. Please update thru mail




  32. I am very concern with date of draw of sidh
    arth vihar bramputra enclave scheme. Its really upsetting me why UPAVP is not updating the applicants nor even acquainting them with the latest status of applications. It raises doubts if there is any obstacle with the scheme.

    • As per Hindustan (19th june) new paper. Draw is expected in August first week.
      Banks received almost 23000 application. But form scrutiny is still pending.

  33. Sachin Gupta says:

    Registered applicant list will be available by june end and draw will be done by june end.. as informed by UPAVP lucknow….

    Cheers ….Sachin

  34. anyone plz tell me exact draw date of sidharth vihar yojna..

  35. Tarun Kukreja says:

    how do u know this mr .sachin…r u from UPAVP team..?

  36. geetu sheel says:

    please tell me the draw date.

  37. Request you all pls read this

    सिद्धार्थ विहार में एलआईजी फ्लैटों के आवेदन फॉर्म सोमवार को बैंकांे से आवास विकास परिषद के संपत्ति विभाग मंे पहुंचने शुरू हो गए हैं। बताया जा रहा है कि फॉर्मों की स्क्रूटिनी का काम जुलाई से ही शुरू हो पाएगा। इसके लिए कम से कम 15 स्टाफ की ड्यूटी लगाई जाएगी। आवास विकास परिषद मंे खंड 16 के अधिशासी अभियंता लालता प्रसाद ने बताया कि काफी संख्या मंे आवेदन फॉर्म आए हैं। ऐसे में इन फार्मों की स्क्रूटनी मंे कम से से 2 महीने का वक्त लगेगा। जहां तक ड्रॉ का सवाल है, उसके लिए भी कई सारी तैयारियां करनी पड़ती हैं। इस तरह इस स्कीम का ड्रॉ निकालने में कम से कम 3 महीने का वक्त लग जाएगा।
    उधर, परिषद के संपत्ति विभाग के सीनियर अफसरों का कहना है कि ड्रॉ की तारीख को लेकर अभी कुछ भी कहना जल्दीबाजी होगा। फॉर्मों की स्क्रूटिनी मंे कई सारी तकनीकी पक्ष देख जाते हैं। चूंकि इससे पहले ईडब्ल्यूएस फ्लैटों की स्क्रूटिनी में कई तरह की गड़बडि़यां उजागर हो चुकी हैं। इसलिए उसका भी इस बार ध्यान रखा जाना है।

  38. Jitender Valecha says:

    Hi Guys,

    Is there any confirmation abt draw date. If yes plz update here.

  39. manish kumar says:

    draw date may be in auguest…………friends

  40. Vishal Bhardwaj says:

    Refer to above housing project, could some one please let us convey about –
    draw date. It’s unknown to all yet.


    is any possibility to check the accepted form numbers of the applicants.??

    Vishla Bhardwaj

  41. Tarun Kukreja says:

    Applicant list has been come out all can chk there name in the list….

  42. Anand Gupta says:

    Draw Date scheduled on 30th and 31st July’13 as per following link ‘′.

  43. Anand Gupta says:

    Draw Date scheduled on 30th and 31st July’13.

  44. babita kandari says:

    exact draw date is on October 2013 . done.

  45. Anand Gupta says:

    Draw date is scheduled on 30th and 31st july.

  46. Sachin Rathi says:

    Dear All

    A List of applicant has already been posted on UPAVP website and Draw of Brahamputra enclave will be held on 30th July 2013 as confirmed by UPAVP



  47. Pls go the the link…You can verify your name with form number.
    Also at the end it has mentioned draw date of 30/Jul or 31st Jul.


  48. Vinod kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    I have applied one siddarth vihar yojna ghaziabad form no-11572
    I want to know draw date?

    Vinod kumar

  49. jaswant singh says:

    draw held on 30 and 31 july 2013

  50. jaswant singh negi says:

    Draw date is scheduled on 08 August

  51. Anand Gupta says:

    Draw data rescheduled.
    Draw date has been postponed from 30 or 31st. Most Probably it is rescheduled to 7th or 8th August.
    As Per below link.

  52. Siddharth saxena says:

    Hi All,
    If draw date is declare ,please inform me.

  53. Vishal Garg says:

    all the applicants can check their names on the below mentioned URL….

    if anyone can update related to the confirm draw date..plz reply.

  54. Yes,
    I called helpline no. of UPAVP. They told me that draw date is postponed and is expected around 7th Aug 2013.

  55. Ranjan Tripathi says:

    As per UPAVP jan suvidha helpline (0522-2236803) the draw will be held soon may be the first week of aug 13. rgds

  56. What is actual draw date please confirm

  57. Sanjay kumar gupta says:

    Please inform the date of draw of this siddartha vihar yojana….

  58. Satyendra Kumar says:

    I want to know draw date of the scheme sidharth vihar Brahamputra Enclave. draw date given of the list of applicant i.e 30 July & 31 July , what about that date

  59. Any updates you guys have got regarding Draw ??

  60. It might be after 10th Aug.

  61. Amit Srivastava says:

    Any updates you guys have got regarding Draw ??

  62. Any Updates Regarding draw?

  63. kulvinder sawhney says:

    As per last week’s Declaration of UPSEB in the Hindustan News Paper Draw wiil be take place on or before 31st Aug’13.

  64. Am not sure…but As per the newspaper second round of applicants checking process is going on in UPAVP office. So it might take 15-20 days more…

    MY MOBILE NO. IS 9971583800

  66. babita kandari says:

    ye GDA ke flat hai. date oct’13 tk chali jayegi.

  67. MANOJ BISHT says:

    sir what is exect date of draw thanks.

  68. draw of this yojna between15 august to 30 august .

  69. Any updates on the draw date of the scheme?

  70. why is the draw date getting late? Is there any problem?

  71. It has postponed till Independence Day..:)

  72. It has postponed till 16th Aug at least.

  73. Any updates guys, i tried to call them(UPAVP) but no response from there side, someone from you have called them, did they said anything about the possible draw date or where this process stucked ?

  74. Dears..

    If any one want to get confirmed their booking for above project, it can be by paying some certain amount (PDC, no advance) as what I observed which is really ridiculous and cheating but it is really possible.

    Vishal B.

  75. Dears..

    I spoke to Lucknow branch to know about draw date of above project but they still don’t know as scrutinizing of forms are going on but they told me, draw date will be confirmed by end of this month.

    Vishal B.


  77. can any one will provide us draw date/update of scheme.

  78. Govt. should pay penalty for late draw and returning the money. why only we suffer…. Still no update for draw dates.

  79. Vaibhav Kumar says:

    please tell me the draw date, i have already applied!


  80. Any one has any more info on this…

  81. Vineet Asthana says:

    Kindly update the draw date. No information on any site, nor at AVP office.

  82. Draw date is 14 Nov. 2013.

    Please have patience.

    CHeers… Sachin

  83. please check website for final list of applicants.

  84. navdeep batra says:

    There is no draw date mentioned in

    Still waiting for that.Money is blocked.

  85. It will be done from 21 to 24 Oct….
    21-22 : general
    23: SC/ST
    24: OBC

    Courtesy: Amar Ujala/Hindustaan Times

  86. Dear,can someone tell me the actual date of all limitations crossed for waiting…….

  87. Draw date is 21/10/2013 for SC/ ST Category
    Draw date is 22/10/2013 for OBC Category
    Draw date is 23/10/2013 for General Horizontal Category
    Draw date is 24/10/2013 for General l Category

  88. Draw date is final between 21-24 Oct as stated in previous message….
    Below is the stats

    Approximately List
    General : 17000
    reservation : 6000
    Husband wife apply : 550

    General : 24 persons per Flat
    reservation : 4 persons per Flat

  89. my name is in draw wat i have to do plz help


    I want to know the result for Application no: 30876; PARMESHWAR PRASAD; S/O: SHRI SHIVAJEE SINGH. I will be grateful to receive on mobile no. 09868437455; 09654089163 through SMS or call. Thanks and regards.

  91. i also would like to know the draw date …today is 25th october but there is no information about the draw on the given website of this scheme.

  92. Jagat Singh Bisht says:

    General category ka draw 24th october 2013. ko kraeeb 500 logo ka draw nikal gaya tha lekin kuchh logo ki wajah se draw ko jabardasti cancel karaya gaya . agar kuchh safal aawedak waha par maojood the aur unka lukky draw me naam aaya hai to pls monday(28-10-2013) ko aawash vikash office vashundhara pahche time 11am to 11:30am tak pahche, aur jo hum logo ke saath ho raha hai uske viroodh me aawash vikash ke dupty commissioner se milne ke liye ekatrit ho.


  93. babita kandari says:

    whr is general category list????????????

  94. Can you tell me the draw date for General Category applicant?

  95. As we are updated from daily news regarding Brahamputra Enclave Siddhartha Vihar Yojna that Director and Employees of UPAVP are also not want to make a draw for general category. May be they have some setting in the general category applicants. As they are not capable to held a draw for general category candidates (only 16000). How it is possible that they could not complete the draw of lot by Parishad. Its seem that employee of UPAVP have some big setting as till november 06 they could not clarified the issue.


    Sachin Rathi

  96. Amarendra Mishra says:

    Dear All

    Can you share when allotment for general category will happen ? I am trying to call them but everytime their phone lines are busy.

  97. Please confirm the draw date…as my money is blocked and i need that….

    siddharth vihar yojna ghaziabad 2013

    Very slow response or Awas Vikas..\

  98. Hi All,

    Does anyone know about the work started or not of the LIG flats @ Siddharth Vihar..


  99. Please confirm the draw date of Sidfarth Vihsr Yogna money is blocked. Trying to call U P Awas Ayukt but every time their phone lined are busy.

  100. hi if you any of guys want to buy siddharth vihar flat. kindly contact me 9818753300.

    4 lakh + deposit amount (1.4 lakh). its urgent .

  101. Hi,

    I Just want to know what is the premium going on to buy these flat as of now. As we all know Flat owner has payed 2 installment (1,40,000+1,40,000). so what is the black going on to buy this flat.

  102. Brahmaputra Enclave – Siddharth Vihar Yojna, Ghaziabad LIG Flats Scheme by UPHDB – 2013
    contact for sale flat Kamal +91 9818371797

  103. Hi,

    What is the premium going on to buy these flats. how much i have to pay now.

  104. Is there any idea of when construction is going to be started.

  105. Hi All,

    I want to take loan from bank for this scheme, But they were asking for allotment letter of property can any body help me regarding this. Any one have applied or get approved loan then please specify the required documents and bank name from were you applied or get approved.

    Atul Tiwari

  106. can any body upload latest pic of sidharth vihar project. how much work was completed. and when they complete the project.

  107. hi
    what is the construction status of brahmputra enclave flats ? when can we expect the completion of these flats?

    please tell how much premium is availablew now?

  108. can someone trnasfer the propery to his/her relative?

    Can Someone transfer this property to his/her relative? if yes then what is the process to do this?

  109. Neeraj Kumar says:

    After getting sacntion letter whats are the documents to be prepared for disburshment? Can anybody tell me? Does anybody taken loan for this property? Please give your number, my number is 9953451717.

  110. Ready the following documents .
    1. Proof of signature. (From your bank)
    2.tpt agreement.
    3. Noc from authority.
    4.original allotment letter.
    5. Original demand letter.
    6.original 20 % payment sleep.
    7. carry check book and pan card at the time of disbursement.


  111. Can anyone update on the construction work there .and expected date of complete.

  112. can anybody inform abt the completion of work ,and allotment of flats ……i m unable to find details of money deposit on net …cAN ANYBODY INFORM ME ABT THE SITE ON WHICH I CAN SEE ..???????

  113. Hello Friends,

    Last week have visited at both the Sites.Sec 7 and 10 …constriction is going on and Lanter has been completed for 2nd floor…
    As per Avas Vikas Parishad Draw will be done on March 2016 for Flat numbering and then at least 3 to 6 month will be require to hend over flat keys..
    So all we need to wait at least October 2016 for possession….

    Sector 7 is behind of Ganga and yamuna apartment and sector 10 is near by the new flyover on pratap vihar…

    Shalendra Singh

  114. Hemant Kumar says:

    Does anyone know about allotment date?

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