55 thoughts on “Do you Know POSDEC CHG in ICICI Bank Statement?

  1. I have also been charged ATMDEC/POSDEC charge three times. I checked my ATM card in various machines .It said my card was “blocked” After email to their helpline, they replied it was all right. Now this bombshell . they have charged for a transaction that I did not do.

  2. I have been charged 28.75 INR 105 times, I repeat 105 times because of insufficient funds, for a card that was already blocked! It was because some auto payment was enabled. The charges were taken after I had blocked my card!

    Please advice how to reverse the charges!

  3. This happened to me as well….ICICI bank is the worlds No. 1 ****** bank…they squeeze money from customers for eveything…I going to discontinue my account with them after horrible 8 years

    • This happened with me too. ICICI bank deducted four times 28.75 for the trans. of 239.76 petrol charges, when the balance was 1494. Really a bad practice.

  4. For donkey work they did free in the time of Demonetisation, they are now compensating for the same.

  5. So friends, should not our account be credited with some amount when their ATM machines shows us insufficient funds. these banks are just making money using a cheap idea.

  6. i have checked my account after make one Card payment. its really shocking,6 times I found that 28.75 rs had been deducted. I tried to call customer care, i never ever see that worst service in banking sector. Better i need to change to any other nationalized bank. HOW CAN I REVERSE IT???.

  7. i got my figures burnt today with the same ICICI bank. tried contacting the customer support but no help at all. i wonder why then call them customer support. five times they charged me consequently. why cant they send or display a msg that the funds are insufficient. I am planning to shift to other nationalized bank instead of struggling with this UNETHICAL ICICI Pvt bank. Mr Amit can you kindly suggest me a good bank where customers are not taken for granted. Iam thinking of SBI, how good is SBI in comparison to ICICI

  8. Sanjib Debnath says:

    ICICI is full of thieves

  9. Very unfortunate. We have such a system. Today I also got the same debit from ICICI Bank and I was trying to find out what it is. Now I realise I have tried using my ICICI bank credit card. Just because of the keys on the swapping machine of the trader was not proper, one digit was not pressed properly and I got a pin error and transaction decline. If the bank is not charged anything for such failed transaction by VISA/Master/AMex, such charges by ICICI bank cannot be justified.

  10. This is easy money that banks resort to climb the annual revenue ladder by taking money out of savings bank customers.

  11. They are fooling General Public and RBI ….Just Imagine deducting such amounts from say 1 million account gradually in a year ….how much money they are making …………………….To get number of account in ICICI refrence the following “We have around 18.5 million zero basic savings bank deposit accounts and by the end of this year, we expect to have close to 20 million such accounts,” said Rajiv Sabharwal, executive director, ICICI Bank, the country’s largest private sector lender.

    Man simply multipying 1 million out of 18.5 …these people would make 1 million bucks……RBI is sleeping I think …..

  12. i agree with you, we need to case on those banks, who ever are doing like this. without sms/mail they don’t need to deduct any money from bank..

  13. Me too got the same issue but through online recharge due to network issued it declined for that they charged around 28 rupees. NO ONE TO ASK ?😓

  14. Hdfc has deducted POSDEC CHG 13 times from my account. I tried to register complain but no action is taken by bank. they also have charged 999 rupees for international transaction for purchased of an application from google play. I am really frustrated from such practices of bank so i transfer my whole money into my another bank account and tried to close it but by the time I submit application for close my account they charged me for not maintaining average minimum balance and asking me to deposit money in my account. Should I left my account empty without closing it. Please suggest..

    • I totally understand your frustration with these unethical banking charges. It’s better to close the account but in case you think its too much of hassle you can withdraw entire amount and leave the account as it is. As per RBI guidelines balance in savings account cannot be negative.

  15. Viraj Tekade says:

    Yes i have checked my ICICI saving account balance and found that 28.80 rs had been deducted not one times but five times…..
    I have only one objection that they should inform by giving simple sms so we were aware about that…

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