Gold Saving Scheme List From Jewelers – Tanishq, P C Jeweller, GRT, Gitanjali, TBZ

I have compiled a list of Gold Saving Schemes from different jewelers in India.

Gold Saving Scheme List From Jewelers

Tanishq: The Golden Harvest Scheme

Tanishq from the house of Tata Group is one of the biggest jewelers in India with country wide network. Also its Golden harvest Scheme is one of the most advertised. There are two options:

  • The 11+1 Plan
  • The 18 Months Plan

The 11+1 Plan Details:

Under this scheme, you need to invest a fixed amount every month with Tanishq for 11 months. The 12th month installment is paid by Tanishq.

The 18 Months Plan:

In the 18 months plan, you have to pay for 18 months – but the amount here can be flexible – meaning, you can choose how much you want to put each month. For example – you can start with enrolling for 2,000/-, increase it to 5,000/- the next month and even reduce it to Rs.500 the month after that.

Below is an example of both the plans:

Scheme Type 11+1 Plan 18 Months Plan
You Pay 3,000 3,000
No of months 11 18
Total Paid 11 X 3,000 = 33,000 18 X 3,000 = 54,000
Bonus at Scheme Completion 3,000 3,900
Total Amount 36,000 57,900
Time period after 12 months after 18 months
Advantage Discount – 100% of monthly instalment Flexible deposits every month

Website for registration and further details: Tanishq GHS

Gitanjali Jewelers: Tamanna Monthly Saving Scheme

Minimum amount to be invested is Rs 1,000 and additional investment in multiples of Rs 1,000.

Can purchase the following brands: Asmi, D’damas, Nakshatra, Gili, Maya Gold, Collection G, Gold Expressions, Diya under this scheme.

On Gold Jewellery Purchase: Pay 12 monthly installment + get 1 months installment as bonus

On Diamond Jewellery Purchase: Pay 12 monthly installment + get 2 months installment as bonus

Website for registration and further details: Gitanjali Tamanna

GRT Jewellers: Gold Tree Gold Saving Scheme

Tenure of the plan: 15 Months

Minimum Monthly Deposit: Rs. 500

Bonus: One installment bonus on payment of 15 installments

Gifts: 40% of one installment

Website for registration and further details: GRT Jewellers

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ): Kalpavruksha Plan Super

Minimum Monthly Deposit: Rs. 1,000 and additional investment of multiples of Rs. 500

Scheme Tenure: 12, 15, 18 and 24 Months

Bonus Amount:

  • One month installment bonus for 12 month scheme
  • One and half month installment bonus for 15 month scheme
  • Two month installment bonus for 18 month scheme
  • Three and half month installment bonus for 24 month scheme

Website for registration and further details: TBZ Plan

P C Jeweller: Jewels for Less

Minimum Amount: Rs. 1,000

Tenure: 12 Months

Bonus: Pay 12 installments while PC Jeweller pays the next two installments.

Website for registration and further details: P C Jeweller

Readers can add more about these schemes from different Jewelers and also their personal experience. 

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