84 thoughts on “How safe is your Bank Fixed Deposit?

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  2. How safe is it to do an FD of 5 lac in IDFC bank for 366 days?

  3. Is solapur janata multistate bank is safe for high amount FD

  4. Is it safe to invest in fixed deposit of Bandhan Bank

  5. I have around 12Lac Rupees, Out of which 9.5 Lac is already with bandhan bank with FD maturity time of somewhere in mid 2018.
    1. Is it safe to keep so much money in one bank considering this bank is new?
    2. Can i put the remaining 2.5 Lacs too in bandhan bank as it offers better interest rates right now for 2years period?

    • Bandhan bank is new but it has been given banking licence with lot of deliberations from RBI. Also its closely regulated. Its safe for deposit!

  6. Is it safe to invest Rs Fifteen lacs in Fixed Deposit offered by RBL? How to be sure that the decision does not go wrong?

  7. D.Venkateswara Rao says:

    I want to deposit that amount Rs.in IDFC Bank for 1 Year. is it secured .

  8. i have about 20 lacs worth of FDs in State Bank of Patiala.Is it a safe bet as they are part of the State bank group or do I need to keep my eyes n ears open.What worse can happen with such a bank

  9. Hi sir dady ka retirement amount hai 20 lack sir me kisme fd kru pls help kro

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