HRA Declaration Form – If Landlord does not have PAN Card Number

Landlord does not have PAN Card NumberJanuary is the time when companies ask their employees to submit investment proofs and rent receipts for claiming income tax benefit/ exemption.

Claiming HRA in case you pay a rent of more than Rs. 2,00,000 is cumbersome now. This is due to a new regulation last year from Income Tax Department stating that you need to submit landlord’s PAN card copy in case the rent exceeds the above amount. In case the landlord does not have a PAN card, he/she needs to give a declaration that he does not have a PAN card.

The authorities have not given any format for the declaration. So We at have come up with a “Landlord without PAN Card” Declaration form.

You can download it, fill relevant details and get it signed from your landlord.

Download the Declaration in Doc Format

PAN Card declaration from Landlord

PAN Card declaration from Landlord

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12 thoughts on “HRA Declaration Form – If Landlord does not have PAN Card Number

  1. I was desperately looking for this declaration as my employer was asking for it. Finally I got it.


  2. Ravikumar, N.P. says:

    thanks a lot for your valuable in puts

  3. Thank you.. that was very helpful…

  4. Thank you …. Its really good thing and very helpful… :)

  5. thank saves my HRA amount

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  7. Hi Amit, In case of a Company/Builder (Say DS MAX) is letting out their property for rent, how do we get the HRA exemption.
    The Company/Builder is ready to give all their receipts. The Receipt would have a TIN Number but a TIN number is not accepted for exemption.

    Also the landlord declaration form needs the landlords name and his/her fathers name but in this case their is only an organization that’s letting out the property.

    Please advice.

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