Income Tax Calculator for FY 2012-13 (Excel Download)

If you are wondering how much Income tax you would you save in next year 2012-13 post Budget 2012, here is a calculator for you in excel format.

Below is the Income Tax Slab for FY 2012-13. A significant difference is there is no more distinction between men and women as far as taxes are concerned.

Income tax 2012-13 slabs

Word of Cautions for using the Excel sheet:

  • Only Orange Cells are input cells.
  • Do not change any other cells as this may lead to Incorrect calculation.
  • Do not leave any orange cell blank. This may lead to incorrect calculation. Instead, enter 0

Limitations of the calculator:

  • This calculates Income tax only for people who have no losses/gains from House property or have a maximum of 1 House.
  • For details of Assumptions & Income tax rules followed for the calculator Read – Income Tax – Some Common Rules & Regulations
The previous version of Income Tax calculator FY 2012-13 had benefit of Infrastructure bond incorporated but as reported by major newspapers – Infra Bond benefit would no more be eligible for Income Tax exemption under section 80CCF. This change has now been incorporated in the below calculator.

Download Link:

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The figure below shows the snapshot of Income Tax calculator FY 2012-13

Income tax 2012-13 calculator excel sheet

Disclaimer: I am not a tax consultant. I have tried to incorporate all the Income tax rules & regulations best known to me. Its always advisable to consult an expert or a tax consultant to cross verify your tax liability.

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