Income Tax Calculator for FY 2017-18 [AY 2018-19] – Excel Download

Download Tax Calculator for FY 2017-18

Download Tax Calculator for FY 2017-18

Income tax for individual is what most tax payers want to know in Budget. In Budget 2017, the finance minister has made little changes to this. We highlight the changes and give you the new tax calculator for FY 2017-18 [AY 2018-19].

Changes in Income Tax Rules:

1. Tax reduced from 10% to 5% for Income from Rs 2,50,000 – Rs 5,00,000 leading to tax saving of up to Rs 12,500.

2. 10% surcharge on income tax if the total income exceeds Rs 50 Lakhs but less than Rs 1 crore

3. For people with net taxable income below Rs 3.5 lakh, the tax rebate has been reduced to Rs 2,500 u/s 87A

4. NO RGESS Tax exemption from FY 2017-18

5. Interest deduction on rented property capped at Rs 2 Lakh

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Income Tax Slab for FY 2017-18 [AY 2018-19]

For Income Tax Purpose – citizens above age of 60 are considered as Senior Citizens and above age of 80 are considered Very Senior citizens.

Income Tax Slab for FY 2017–18 [AY 2018-19]

Income Tax Slab for FY 2017–18 [AY 2018-19]

Download Income Tax Calculator

You can download the Income Tax Calculator for FY 2017-18 [AY 2018-19] from the link below.

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Limitations of the Calculator:

  • This Calculator is for people with only one home
  • It does not computes Capital Gains Tax

These features might be incorporated in next versions of the Tax calculator

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39 thoughts on “Income Tax Calculator for FY 2017-18 [AY 2018-19] – Excel Download

  1. Please send me income tax calculator for F.Y, 2017-18

  2. Thanks Amit! The information and analysis shared by you is always timely and very helpful. Requesting following information on GST:

    Since would be effective from 1st July 2017, what is the rate of GST applicable on the rental income arising out of industrial building. Currently, I understand service tax is @10%.


  3. which ITR fill up for share market profit loss equity & derivative

  4. Dhiraj Patra says:

    not able to update 80CCD as NPS additional 50000/- savings

  5. Very informative. Thank you for sharing this awesome article.

  6. Dear Amit,

    Pl calculate my income tax.

    I retired on 31 Jul 16. My income from Apr 16 to Jul 16 is Rs. 2,50,000. Thereafter I am getting pension @Rs. 18700 per month. As on 31 Mar 17 estimate interest on my FDs is Rs. 1,15,000. I have invested Rs. 2,00,000 in senior citizen scheme. Pl confirm how much income tax I have to Pay?

  7. sharendra m tilekar says:

    cna i get rebate on house loan for second home ,loan amount is 1200000/- in dec 2016

    • Yes you can get tax benefit if you have got possession of the house. There is No limit on the number of house to claim tax benefit on home loan!

  8. Hi Amit,

    I got job as a consultant in Feb 2017 for a UK Firm and I would be paid in USD 12,000 annually but payment would be done on monthly basis after submitting my invoice. The salary would be deposited to my Indian Bank account. How much Tax I have to pay, is there any exempt if i get the salary in USD? Thanks in Advance

  9. I 65 years old . My total income for F Y 2018-19 is 380000 Rs . what will be my tax

  10. Hi Amit, In Budget 2017, Finance Minister has mentioned Interest deduction on rented property capped at Rs 2 Lakh. So If I have 2 Properties one is Self occupied & Other is rented and on both the Properties I am having Loan. So I can get 2 Lacs Intrest Payment Benefit on Slef Occupied Property & 2 Lacs Income Tax benefit on Rented Property. So all togethr 4 Lacs will be deducted from my Taxable income. Correct me if I am wrong

  11. I am constructing the house, Still it is not finished, It may complete by Feb 2018. Can I claim HRA (Rent) as well as well as Loss of house property (interest paid to Bank)?

  12. Hi Amit, My wife is earning 10 Lakhs salary per annum, I don’t have job from last 10 years. no other earnings. She has 2 flats (ancestor property) with rent 2 lakhs per annum. she signed on rent agreement.

    Can I take that rent deposit to my bank account. other than municipal tax any other income tax need to pay? Is it possible to take general power from my wife to avoid increasing tax for her.

  13. Ashish Sharma says:

    What is the password of the excel sheet.

  14. Hi Amit, thanks for the latest sheet. However please note that the HRA deduction component(Row 10) is not capturing and so the sheet doesn’t give proper tax

  15. 12500 rebate is applicable on tax or on income?? please reply. thank you

  16. what is password for Calculator for FY 2017-18 [AY 2018-19]

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