Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. Fixed Deposit Scheme

Company Profile: Jaiprakash Associates Ltd

Incorporated in 1995, the Jaypee Group had a market capitalisation of Rs. 34,000 Crores with 4 Lacs+ shareholder & 56,000 depositors. Started as an Engineering company and has later on diversified its business into various segments. Currently the group has its presence in following sectors :

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Hydro, Thermal & Wind Power Generation
  • Expressway & Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • Education

Features and Benefits of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. Fixed Deposit Scheme:

  • Minimum amount of deposit to be accepted is Rs. 20,000 and in multiple of Rs. 1,000 thereafter
  • Post dated Interest Warrants for each financial year will be dispatched in advance
  • Income Tax will not be deducted upto interest Rs. 5,000 in a Financial Year
  • Nomination facility available
  • Premature withdrawal permissible as per the statutory guidelines

Interest Rate of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. Fixed Deposit Scheme:

Scheme A: Non-Cumulative Deposit Scheme (Interest compounded Monthly but Payable Quarterly)
Period (Months) Minimum Deposit Amount (Rs) Rate of Interest
1 Year 20,000 11.75%
2 Years 20,000 12.25%
3 years 20,000 12.50%


Scheme B: Cumulative Deposit Scheme (Interest compounded Monthly)
Period Minimum Deposit Amount (Rs) Maturity Amount (Rs) Rate of Interest Effective Yield
6 Months 20,000 21,150 11.50%
1 Year 20,000 22,480 11.75% 12.40%
2 Years 20,000 25,520 12.25% 13.80%
3 years 20,000 29,044 12.50% 15.07%

Managers to the Scheme:

  1. Bajaj Capital Ltd
  2. R R Investors Retail Services Pvt Ltd
  3. Security Investment Ltd
  4. SMC Global Securities Ltd

4 thoughts on “Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. Fixed Deposit Scheme

  1. Manabendra Nath Sen says:

    Manabendra Nath Sen, 00325699 (F D R no.)
    Why no return of my deposited amount of Rs.200000/=after maturity on 11.01.2015 ?


    Why no return of the amount after maturity on 28.01.2014 till date without any intimation?

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