40 thoughts on “21 Hidden Charges in Saving Bank Account

  1. it is unethical to deduct account closing charges when account is more than 5years old , sbi bank deducted 500 rs as account closing charges when my account was more than 5 years old . is it ethical for bank to do so

  2. M Vikram Bharadhwaj says:

    Yes same thing happened for my account also. They have debited Rs.632.50. This might be due to maintaining lower balance in the account for a longer period.

  3. A/C Keeping Chgs 632.50 CUTTED IN CURRENT ACCOUNT OF SBI TODAY WHY it was debited.

  4. Good article. 21 Charges!

  5. I kept FD as 3lakh.. iam confusion of 15 G form and tax deduction.. Plz suggest me .. What to do next

  6. rahul chauhan says:

    5 times 23 rs were deducted from my account twice
    Any idea why that happened?

  7. From my sbi savings a/c 220 rs is deducted as si failure charges on 9.1.2017.I have a recurring deposit a/c which is attached with it.Rs 65/- is already deducted from this a/c.I dont know why it is deducted again???

    • Rs 220 deduction is for failure of standing instruction while Rs 65 is for not depositing RD installment. This is my guess you may want to clarify with SBI.

  8. SBI bank staff failed to update my signature and my cheque drawn was dishonoured.Will the same branch debit charges from my account? How do I know about the hidden charges that I have incurred ?

  9. Satyannarayana Yedla says:

    How one can use mix of cheque and internet banking to transfer money?

    • It depends on you. NEFT/RTGS/IMPS transactions are faster and more accurate in details are right. In case of cheques it takes 2-3 working days to get cleared. Also there can be issues related to signature mismatch or insufficient funds etc. So take your call according to your situation.

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