Phadnis Group Fixed Deposit Scheme

Phadnis_fixed_deposit_schemeCompany Profile: Phadnis Group

Phadnis Group is a Pune based business house with focus on Hospitality, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Power, ITeS and Telecom.

Incorporated in 2003 as Sahil Group by Mr. Vinay Phadnis, a visionary who has a brilliant track record, having laid several prestigious projects, the group is moving strongly towards emerging as a leading player in hospitality and real estate development.

Tying up with various partners Phadnis Group is moving towards achieving excellence in each endeavour. Following a successful line-up of various projects in various sectors across India, Phadnis Infrastructure is all set to make a mark and contribute in the development of the nation as a whole.

Features and Benefits of Phadnis Group Fixed Deposit Scheme:

  • Minimum amount of deposit to be accepted is Rs. 10,000 and in multiple of Rs. 1,000 thereafter
  • Income Tax will not be deducted upto interest Rs. 5,000 in a Financial Year
  • Premature withdrawal permissible on company discretion

Interest Rate of Phadnis Group Fixed Deposit Scheme:

Option 2: Non-Cumulative Deposit Scheme (Interest Payable Monthly, Quarterly & Half Yearly)
Period Minimum Deposit Amount (Rs) Rate of Interest (% p.a.) Rate of Interest (% p.a.) for Shareholders, Employees & Senior Citizens
6 Months 10,000 10.00% 10.25%
1 Year 10,000 11.00% 11.25%
2 Years 10,000 12.00% 12.25%
3 Years 10,000 12.50% 12.50%


Option 1: Non-Cumulative Deposit Scheme (Interest Compounded Monthly)
 for General Public for Shareholders, Employees & Senior Citizens
Period Minimum Deposit Amount (Rs) Maturity Amount (Rs) Rate of Interest (% p.a.) Effective Yield (% p.a.) Maturity Amount (Rs) Rate of Interest (% p.a.) Effective Yield (% p.a.)
1 Year 10,000 11,157 11.00% 11.57% 11,185 11.25% 11.85%
2 Years 10,000 12,697 12.00% 13.49% 12,760 12.25% 13.80%
3 Years 10,000 14,522 12.50% 15.07% 14,522 12.50% 15.07%


For more details download form below


Website: Phadnis Group Fixed Deposit Scheme Form

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  1. Major General Dingdong says:

    phadnis is a fraud company

  2. SHRIKANT NAIK says:

    waiting for phone call.

  3. SHRIKANT NAIK says:

    PL.CONTACT MOBILE NO. 7588826412.

  4. vinod bhagwat says:

    name of the agency working in nashik who assists for adopting fd scheme of phadnis group

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